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Why BWG is The Best Location for Your Clients

Industrial Commercial Institutional Realtors

BWG Has Hundreds of Acres Ideally Suited for A Variety of Industrial, Commercial, Institutional Uses
A surprisingly untapped region just minutes north of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), BWG is perfectly situated along or near major highway systems, including Highway 400, as well as well travelled and accessible arterial roads such as Provincial Highways 9, 27 and 11. The community also is intersected by a major rail line and has access to nearby commuter airports.

BWG is located in the heart of the richest agricultural land in Ontario, providing an ideal source of raw materials for agri-food enterprises. The community is well served by ample natural water sources, has excellent municipal services and surface road infrastructure as well as an abundance of recreational, cultural, medical and educational services institutions and amenities – all of which factor in growth opportunities for many years.

Add to all this an ‘open-for-business’ attitude on the part of Council and municipal staff, and a desire to continue to improve the economic prosperity and wonderful quality of life on the part of residents, there is little doubt that BWG should be the preferred choice for your industrial, commercial or institutional client to build, work and grow.

An Abundance of Land, An Abundance of Opportunity
Although there is evidence of rapid urbanization in the nearby communities to the east and to the north, unlike those municipalities, BWG still has an abundance of available land well suited for development within its borders. Not only is that land able to be parceled into sizes to suit any large, medium or smaller scale project, it is also eminently affordable, especially in comparison to properties within the neighbouring the GTA.

BWG Economic Development staff, including our Planning, Building and Development Engineering departments are eager to meet with any of your industrial, commercial or institutional developers or project facilitators to ensure a smooth land acquisition, planning and construction process. They have already invested the necessary resources to ensure the properties are prepared for development and will work to ensure all related servicing and infrastructure needs are met.

The land is abundant and of superior quality, the expertise and resources are in place, and the BWG community is enthusiastic about supporting progressive, innovative projects to build a better, more prosperous community.


BWG Offers Properties to Satisfy Development Diversity
The BWG Economic Development Department is your first stop to find the ideal site and engage the planning process. BWG’s Investment Readiness Team (IRT) brings together staff from all relevant departments (economic development, planning, engineering, building and others) and external experts and consultants when appropriate.

The objective of the IRT is to provide high-level feedback on a development proposal before engaging in the mandatory pre-consultation process with the Community Planning Department. We can analyze multiple sites and determine the scope and details of each project, as well as identify any challenges early and chart a path forward.

Downtown Businesses

A Revitalized, Vibrant Place
Contact BWG’s Economic Development Department to explore the opportunities to locate in the vibrant and thriving downtown core. The team can provide comprehensive market and property information and identify the potential to access BWG’s downtown Community Improvement Plan.

Downtown Community Improvement Plan Incentives
To ensure a balance of both urban renewal and commercial growth, BWG implemented a Downtown Community Improvement Plan (DCIP) with a mandate of encouraging infill development and business improvements. The DCIP, approved in April 2022, was designed to reflect updated development priorities and replaces an earlier version of the program that ran from 2011 to 2021.

The plan offers development charge interest deferrals, tax increment grants, Brownfield development grants and funding for façade improvement, interior building upgrades, accessibility improvements and building/permit fees to business owners or tenants investing in new buildings, expansions or renovations.

A photo showing a part of the BWG downtown area

Downtown BWG – Street View

Downtown BWG Street View

A map showing the BWG downtown core area
Downtown BWG – Google Map

Downtown BWG Google Map.

Business Owners

Your Promotional Partner
More than just a place to assist with planning and permitting of your new or expanded building, BWG Economic Development wants to be a prime promotional partner. Our staff will use all the marketing tools at their disposal to let the rest of the community, and a much broader audience, know about your products, services or skills.

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