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Built on a combination of customer-focused service and the development of a solid communications and logistics network throughout North America, Bradford-based Service Star Freightways has become one of the region’s most dependable and sophisticated trucking operations.

Bringing together experts in modern logistics management, and the experience of decades within the highly competitive trucking industry, Service Star focuses on full load and LTL (less than load) shipments for a broad range of clients on both sides of the Canada/U.S. border.

Their reliability and affordability, as well as their flexibility and adaptability in dealing with last-minute shipments means greater effectiveness for all clients.

“Our full slate of truckload services includes everything from on-time pickup and deliveries, to dedicated fleets. And we routinely take on multi-drop and special projects such as surge capacity and flex solutions. Service Star truckload service levels include standard shipments for on-time reliable pickups and deliveries and express shipments for guaranteed, time-definite expedited pickups and deliveries,” said the company’s official website, adding that the firm ensures LTL shipments are monitored so they arrive safe and on time.

“Once a shipment is in transit, we take full advantage of our latest technologies in order to provide you with real-time information related to each shipment.”

More than just a trucking firm, Service Star’s team can actually help clients develop their own logistics and transportation programs or devise solutions for supply chain challenges through their trademarked ServiceStar Logistics program.

“As experts and leaders in supply chain management, we can help you identify various opportunities in order to improve efficiencies and reduce operational costs and then implement action plans that deliver measurable results. Asyour competitive logistics solutions provider, you will be able to utilize more of your available resources in your core business while assuring yourself that your logistics program is always poised to take advantage of the latest trends and opportunities for improved efficiency and cost savings – from the moment they arise.”

In terms of load options, Service Star has access to tandem dry, refrigerated and heated trailers. All trailers are 53-feet long, with a height of 108 inches and width of 100 inches, for a maximum payload in both Canada and the United States of 44,000 pounds. All vehicles are maintained by an in-house mechanical crew, with each vehicle subject to rigid maintenance schedules and updated training for all drivers and mechanics.

Service Star is able to facilitate odd-size or specialty loads using decking beams, straps and blankets, with attention paid to each item on the vehicle. The company is customs bonded for both Canada and the United States and is a participant in a number of cross-border and national security initiatives, including the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT), Free and Secure Trade Certificate (FAST) program, and the Canada Border Servicers Agency Partners in Protection Certificate program (PIP/PEP).

There is a 24-hour dispatch service utilizing toll-free numbers throughout North America, a centrally located head office (in BWG), as well as multiple service offices on both sides of the border, including a large hub in Denver, Colorado. For correspondence, there is a special priority monitoring system set up for e-mails, status updates of shipments and other notifications, as well as 24/7 satellite tracking of all freight and equipment from the moment the vehicle leaves one locale, until it is delivered at the other end.

In terms of those it employs, Service Star spends the appropriate time and energy to recruit new employees, not just for their skills, but for experience and team-first attitude.

“We work hard to attract and develop people who will preserve our values, shape our culture and strive to achieve mutual success. We continue to build a culture of continuous learning, designed to enable employees to develop their personal capabilities in order to discover and reach their full potential. Ongoing training and upskilling opportunities are available through online, virtual and instructor-lead resources.”

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