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New Video Campaign Encourages Folks to ‘Meet the Owners’ Of Local Businesses

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It’s a well-known cliché that ‘everyone has a story.’ But it is well known because it is true. Scratch the surface in any conversation with a business owner, neighbour, or visitor and you will learn extraordinary things, hear inspiring tales, and may even feel that “hey I’ve got a story that also needs to be heard.”

This is part of thinking behind an innovative and aspirational series of videos being produced by the BWG Economic Development department as part of their Open For Business initiative. Meet the Owners is a series of lively, informative short videos, featuring a retelling of the unique entrepreneurial journey of a host of local business owners.

The purpose of this compelling video campaign is partially to highlight the diversity of the Town’s business community through these fascinating first-person accounts, which may in turn inspire others in BWG to embark on their own entrepreneurial endeavour. It is these sorts of individuals, those with ideas and dreams and the work ethic and wherewithal to make it happen, that are the backbone of every community’s economic growth and prosperity.

But the are also excellent vehicles for the business owners themselves to use as a vehicle to tell their own powerful tale of enterprise: both the challenges and rewards of being their own bosses. A captivating video can open the eyes of whole new customer audiences, remind folks of your products and services and also act as a boost for the overall business community and the programs and assistance offered through the BWG Economic Development department.

The latter is important to note, as it demonstrates that these wonderful examples of local business are not alone on their journeys. The videos will show how these entrepreneurs took advantage of various economic development initiatives to help start, build, scale and ultimately succeed at their business goals.

The videos are meant to convey to both an internal community audience and the outside world that BWG is a viable and sustainable location for existing and future business investment and, in fact, should be seen as the preferred destination for companies and organizations looking to grow, expand or relocate. They are better than simple advertisements, which are predicated solely on a limited pitch to buy a product or service. These are glimpses into the lives of real people, real entrepreneurs, telling the real stories of why they love what they do, and how hard they work to achieve success within BWG.

With the ability to share these short videos on all social media platforms, the business owners can literally let the world know their story, their vision for their business and why they find Bradford West Gwillimbury to be the best place to build, work and grow.

Two of the first series of Meet the Owners video subjects are also profiled in this edition of the newsletter. Click the links on those stories to find out more about each business.

For the entire video series, go here https://www.gotobwg.ca/meet-the-owners/.

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