Top 3 reasons to invest in Bradford West Gwillimbury

Bradford West Gwillimbury is a small town with ‘A Growing Tradition’. For years, we have seen our fields and families grow; here in the Office of Economic Development we ensure that your business will too! Bradford West Gwillimbury is governed by a financially and socially responsible municipal administration and a Council that have declared the town open for business. Our council has identified economic development as one of the Town's primary objectives. A series of competitive analysis studies have shown the areas advantages in several key industries. Our Location & Access, Availability of Business Resources, Low Costs and a High Quality of Life are aspects that ensure a competitive environment for business operation.

Location & Access

Bradford West Gwillimbury is located between the cities of Toronto and Barrie on Highway 400, in the geographic heart of Southern Ontario. This Highway provides Bradford West Gwillimbury with access to and from Highways 401 and 407, which in turn provides the Canadian link to the “NAFTA Super-highway” connecting Ontario with the I-69, I-94, 1-75, and numerous other associated corridors that facilitate the movement of goods between Mexico, the United States and Canada.

Availability of Business Resources

The Province of Ontario’s Places to Grow Act (2006) dictates that the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury will grow by over 20,000 individuals by the year 2031. The Town has been designated as a centre for business development by the Province of Ontario and its existing markets, infrastructure and industrial clusters are certain to grow.

By pursing a clearly stated and focused economic plan, the community successfully supports existing businesses and encourage new commercial and industrial enterprises, particularly in key industries that are already prospering in Bradford West Gwillimbury. Several studies have found that the food, manufacturing and plastics sectors are most favourably positioned to benefit from the many business advantages of Bradford West Gwillimbury.

For example, the Holland Marsh holds some of the richest and most productive soils and is a powerful economic generator. Growing Interest in organic agriculture and buying locally is opening opportunities for local producers and processors to supply broader markets.

Low Costs Mid-sized companies can find land in Bradford West Gwillimbury that is considerably cheaper than elsewhere in the Greater Toronto Area. We have high quality yet affordable housing for employees, and industrial development charges that are significantly less than communities to the south.

Payroll Taxes are lower in Ontario than any other G-7 country. Ontario's combined federal-provincial corporate tax rate is more than four percentage points lower than the U.S. average for manufacturing.

Property tax rates in Bradford West Gwillimbury are highly competitive to those levied in the Greater Toronto Area, making the Town a wise economic choice when considering a new location for your business.

High Quality of Life

Bradford West Gwillimbury is an attractive community where people get involved in many organizations and creative endeavours. We offer clean air and water, open spaces, Lake Simcoe, the Oak Ridges Moraine, the Scanlon Creek Conservation Area and safe, diversified neighbourhoods. Many residents find they have the best of both worlds - Small-town charm with all of the amenities of a metropolitan centre.

Businesses in Bradford West Gwillimbury benefit from the positive support of local residents, local government and the local business community. The Bradford Board of Trade and Nottawasaga Futures provide support services including relocation and start up programs including business resources, business consulting, access to meeting rooms, and on-line business registration services.