Utilities & Services


Water Tower As of December 1, 2013 the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury took control of billing and customer service for water and wastewater services. The billing is being done in house so that the town can provide high quality, direct and timely customer service to our nearly 9,000 customers and to offer longer payment terms. 

General Service Water Rates 2015

Water Rates
Water Supply Charge (Monthly) $44.50
 First 100 Cubic Metres $1.60
 Over 100 Cubic Metres  $1.29

Waste Water Rates
Waste Water Supply Charge (Monthly) $38.00
 First 100 Cubic Metres $3.17
 Over 100 Cubic Metres  $2.55

Hydro Service

Powerstream provides electricity services in Bradford West Gwillimbury. Powerstream is an energy company jointly owned by the municipalities of Barrie, Markham and Vaughan and provides service to 15 communities throughout the County of Simcoe and York Region.

Hydro Rates
Charge Category Charge Type
General service
Non-Interval Meter
General service
Interval Meter
Greater than
or equal to
 Monthly Fixed Charge
 $146.19 per month
 $146.19 per month  $6,101.81 per month
 Distribution Charge
 $3.2666 per kW
 $3.2666 per kW
 $1.3696 per kW
 Transmission: Network
 $2.9192 per kW
 $3.0601 per kW
 $3.4638 per kW
 Transmission: Connection
 $1.1726 per kW
 $1.2687 per kW  $1.2027 per kW
 Regulatory  Standard Supply Service Charge  $0.25 per month
 $0.24 per month
 $0.25 per month
 Market Service
 $0.0057 per kWh
 $0.0057 per kWh  $0.0057 per kWh
   $0.007 per kWh
 $0.007 per kWh
  $0.007 per kWh

Natural Gas

Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc., who has been providing natural gas to Ontario for more than 160 years, provides Natural Gas services for the town of Bradford West Gwillimbury. With over 35 000km of gas pipelines throughout the province of Ontario, Enbridge reaches 2 million homes and businesses in the province.


Bradford West Gwillimbury is working with the South Western Integrated Fibre Technology (SWIFT) program to build an ultra high-speed fibre optic regional broadband network for everyone in Western Ontario. The Western Ontario Wardens’ Caucus (WOWC), a not-for-profit organization comprised of the heads of council representing 15 rural municipalities, initiated the project, understanding that working with the community to bring fibre optic connectivity to every citizen, farm, business, and organization is critical to our region’s prosperity. For more information visit the SWIFT Network website.