Company HeadquartersOntario is a leading player in the plastics industry, trailing only California and Ohio in terms of total plastics manufacturing output.

Bradford West Gwillimbury is located in the heart of Canada's most populated region, providing good access to the Greater Toronto Area and the US markets. The presence of Honda of Canada Mfg. within South Simcoe provides a stable, local market for automotive plastics manufacturing in tier 2/3 suppliers. 

This sector comprises establishments primarily engaged in making goods by processing plastic materials. The plastics industry caters to a wide range of mid- and end users including the automotive sector, food packaging and household goods.  


Plastics are increasingly being used within the automotive sector where they are replacing metal parts.  


Plastics play a significant role in the packaging industry where they provide a lighter and smaller (weight and volume) solution to traditional packing materials.  


Foamed plastic insulation, vinyl windows, and doors are all standard products within the construction industry.  

Advantage - Location

Proximity to markets

Bradford West Gwillimbury is an exceptional location for businesses operating in the Plastics sector because of our proximity to major transportation routes. Our local businesses have access to major Canadian and American markets along the 400 and 404 as well as through local rail lines and international markets through nearby ports and airports. This allows them to bring in raw material and distribute their products with ease and all at a much lower operating cost than being located in towns south of Bradford.

Advantage - Labour Force

Bradford West Gwillimbury works hard to insure that our businesses have access to a strong growing labour force of skilled and semi-skilled labour at competitive wage levels.  

Advantage - Cost

Ontario has a jurisdictional advantage with regard to costs over the United States. Larger multinationals often prefer smaller urban/rural locations that offer lower cost environments within which to operate their business. Cost effective access to markets remains an important advantage when considering locating your business in Bradford West Gwillimbury.