Downtown Community Improvement Plan

Downtown Community Improvement Plan

Our updated Downtown Community Improvement Plan complements the Downtown Bradford Revitalization Strategy (DBRS) and acts as an implementation mechanism to promote private sector investment in downtown Bradford, by promoting the redevelopment of underused and vacant properties by offering financial incentive programs for private Owners and Tenants.

Objectives of the Downtown Community Improvement Plan

  1. Encourage intensification, infill and redevelopment in the Downtown
  2. Support a mix of new commercial/retail and residential development in the Downtown and revitalization of existing commercial and mixed use buildings
  3. Support the development of residential and mixed use development in the shoulder areas to Downtown
  4. Maximize the sunk investment and reinvestment in existing infrastructure and services in the Urban area of Bradford
  5. Promote social, economic and physical enhancement of downtown and to improve neighborhood amenities
  6. Improve the overall quality of life in Bradford West Gwillimbury through ensuring the vitality and viability of Downtown
  7. Promote investment in the private building stock of Downtown as a complement to public investment in streetscape and other public
  8. Enable Downtown to become a destination for citizens and visitors alike, continue and enhance its role in events and festivals, and to showcase the Town as a place to invest.

Applications are now being accepted and will be reviewed on a rolling basis throughout the year.

For more information please contact our Office of Economic Development.