CIP Intake & Application Process

CIP Intake & Application Process

  1. All applicants must complete on-line intake form signaling intent to apply for CIP programs.

  2. Pre-application consultation meeting between Applicant and Coordinator.

  3. Town screening of Applicant to ensure compliance with eligibility requirements (see Section 8 and Schedule A).

  4. Complete application submitted with all supporting materials required by the Town.

  5. Coordinator endorses application and presents to the Evaluation Committee for review.

  6. Recommendation staff report is brought forward to Council by the Coordinator at the first available meeting.

  7. Council makes final decision and may, at its discretion for Programs require signing of a legal agreement which outlines all terms and conditions of assistance, and the limitations of assistance.

  8. Applicant is notified of decision.

    1. If the Applicant is satisfied, project commences upon signing agreement between the Town and Applicant.

    2. If the Applicant is not satisfied with the outcome and wishes to appeal the decision, they may do so by approaching Council directly via ‘deputation’ or ‘open forum’.

Request for Additional Funds - Approved Projects
In certain circumstances, an approved application and signed agreement may be in place, but as the project is undertaken it may be discovered that the scope of work and associated costs were originally underestimated.

When this occurs the Applicant may approach the Coordinator and request a review of the new information. If it is determined that the change in project scope is reasonable and/or additional project cost was unforeseen and legitimate; an Application for Additional Funding may be requested by email and submitted to the Coordinator, which may be  brought forward to Council via staff report at the first available opportunity.