Farmer with red onion in handLocated in some of the richest and most productive farmland in Ontario including the Holland Marsh, Bradford West Gwillimbury produces a broad diversity of food crops. Location is the key factor in selecting Bradford West Gwillimbury for a food processing facility.

Close proximity to the heart of Canada’s most populated region and supported by good transportation access to the Greater Toronto Area (population in excess of 5 million), the USA and Pearson International Airport, Bradford West Gwillimbury is the ideal location for food processing facilities.  

Producers have the advantage of a ready supply of grains, vegetables and oilseeds. Competitive wage levels, a strong labour force and population growth well in excess of the provincial average provide Bradford West Gwillimbury with a competitive edge.  

Our food sector comprises food processing, warehousing, distribution and retail food services. The 2900-hectare of organic muck soil and the dedicated farmers of the Holland Marsh are responsible for cumulatively over $50 million dollars annually in crops.

There are a number of product lines within the food market poised for growth.

Bradford West Gwillimbury provides opportunities for:

  • Cereal products
  • Biscuits and crackers
  • Snack foods
  • Pet foods
  • Sauces and condiments
  • Nutraceuticals

Advantage - The Holland Marsh

The Province of Ontario designates the Holland Marsh, a large deposit of organic soils occupying a shallow basin, as a specialty crop area. It comprises about 18,200 acres shared by Bradford West Gwillimbury and York Region. 

A report released in 2009 called the Holland Marsh Agricultural Impact Study, conducted by the consulting firm of Planscape for the Holland Marsh Growers’ Association with funds from the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation, found that the Marsh is "an area of tremendous possibility."

It generates annually in the range of $35 to $58 million annually in gross domestic product, and between $95 million and $169 million of economic activity in the provincial economy. The Holland Marsh accounts for about 31 per cent of the value of all vegetable production in Ontario. 

The agricultural impact study states: "At this time when the public is awakening to the importance of local food, the Marsh is the 'salad bowl' for Ontario. With its outstanding growing conditions, skilled operators and proximity to market, it is taking advantage of the opportunity to raise its profile and increase its market." 

Advantage - Location

Proximity to markets

Bradford West Gwillimbury is an exceptional location for businesses operating in the agricultural sector because of our proximity to major transportation routes. Our local businesses have access to major Canadian and American markets along the 400 and 404 as well as through local rail lines and international markets through nearby ports and airports. This allows them to bring in raw material and distribute their products with ease and all at a much lower operating cost than being located in towns south of Bradford.

Advantage - Labour Force

Bradford West Gwillimbury works hard to insure that our businesses have access to a strong growing labour force of skilled and semi-skilled labour at competitive wage levels.

Ontario has a jurisdictional advantage with regard to costs over the United States. Larger multinationals often prefer smaller urban/rural locations that offer lower cost environments within which to operate their business. Cost effective access to markets remains an important advantage when considering locating your business in Bradford West Gwillimbury.